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Form 3: Benefits

Slides: https://research.aaup.org/images/aaup/AAUP FCS Benefits Webinar 18 January 2018.pdf

Recording: http://aaupmeetings.adobeconnect.com/p7oj04dgitzk/

Notes: https://research.aaup.org/images/aaup/BenefitsInstructions.html

Introduction to the 2017-2018 Faculty Compensation Survey:

The recording is available online [please note the default conversion factor is 1.0]: http://aaupmeetings.adobeconnect.com/pbcdzqvpakg8/

The slide presentation is here: https://research.aaup.org/images/aaup/AAUP%20FCS%20Overview%20Webinar%20Nov%202017%20final.pdf

Faculty Categories on Specific Institution Categories: https://research.aaup.org/images/aaup/Faculty%20Categories%20AAUP.xlsx

Previous Webinars:

A webinar on how to complete the 2016-17 Faculty Compensation Survey is available for download and by clicking here or following the link below:


A webinar on tips for a successful submission for the 2016 - 2017 Faculty Compensation Survey is available by clicking here or following the link below:


A webinar on how to navigate the Faculty Compensation Survey portal is available by clicking here or following the link below: