The American Association of University Professors was founded in 1915. Throughout its long history it has been the leading organization dedicated to protecting the academic freedom of professors.

In 1948, the AAUP's Committee on the Economic Status of the Profession published the results of its first survey of faculty salaries. In the decades since, the AAUP’s Faculty Compensation Survey has become an authoritative source for information about the economic status of the profession.

In Visualizing Changes: The Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession, 2016–17, the American Association of University Professors explores how many public institutions are relying on out-of-state students to bolster their finances, as well as examining education appropriation changes by state political control. This year's report shows a .6% inflation adjusted increase in average Professor salary from the previous year, the lowest since 2011-12

2015-2016 Report: Higher Education at a Crossroads
2014-2015 Report: Busting the Myths
2013-2014 Report: Losing Focus
2012-2013 Report: Here's the News
2011-2012 Report: A Very Slow Recovery
2010-2011 Report: It's Not Over Yet
2009-2010 Report: No Refuge
2008-2009 Report: On the Brink
2007-2008 Report: Where Are the Priorities?
2006-2007 Report: Financial Inequality in Higher Education
2005-2006 Report: The Devaluing of Higher Education
2004-2005 Report: Inequities Persist
2003-2004 Report: Don’t Blame Faculty for High Tuition
2002-2003 Report: Unequal Progress
2001-2002 Report: Quite Good News—For Now
2000-2001 Report: Uncertain Times
1999-2000 Report: More Good News, so Why the Blues?

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