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Samuel Dunietz

Sam Dunietz

Samuel J. Dunietz is the Research and Policy Analyst and Senior Program Officer at the AAUP. For more than five years, Samuel has worked on the Faculty Compensation Survey in various forms to ensure that accurate data is submitted, analyzed, and ultimately published.  His research interests are especially related to exploring the role of public investment in higher education at the federal and state levels, the changes in the composition of the academy, and examining how healthcare costs affect the economics of a demographically diverse higher education workforce.

In addition to work on the survey, Samuel also serves as the staff member on the AAUP Government Relations committee, where he oversees tracking federal legislation, implementing the Association’s legislative goals, and organizing the annual Capitol Hill Day in Washington.

Prior to joining the AAUP, Samuel worked for the Maryland Public Interest Research Group on college affordability issues. He holds a Master’s of Public Policy degree from American University and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Sociology from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Samuel Dunietz may be contacted via e-mail at sdunietz@aaup.org or via telephone at 202.737.5900 x3640.