Before ordering, please note our policies on purchasing access to the Faculty Compensation Survey data:

  1. We do not sell data or web portal access to those without a higher education institutional, governmental, or nonprofit affiliation.
  2. We do not provide the complete data set (i.e., the Excel files) or web portal access to students for course projects. The publicly available reports provide access to the data for course projects.
  3. AAUP chapter leaders and state conference officers can request that data access be provided for chapter/conference business purposes. A chapter leader or conference officer should make the request to and specify which of the data sets they need. We do not, however, freely provide third-party access or generate reports for institutions through the request of a chapter that are not for chapter business. Institutional research offices and human resource offices should purchase access to the data or reports that are for institutional use. 
  4. Faculty members, graduate students, or academic staff who have an established research area in higher education labor issues, on a case-by-case basis, can be allowed access to the survey data for noncommercial research purposes without charge if they are AAUP members with a research interest demonstrated by past research activity and area of expertise. Please contact the AAUP Research Office at with any such requests.

The 2019-20 AAUP Faculty Compensation Survey data costs $1,250 for participating institutions and $2,000 for nonparticipating institutions and includes the products listed below. These prices are all inclusive, so one or all of the products may be requested for one flat cost. Payment can be made by credit card, check, or purchase order. Data will be released once the payment has been received. Orders for current data (2019-20) can be made here:  

Once we’ve received your order, the AAUP Research Office will generate an invoice and provide payment instructions.  We will typically respond to your order request in 1-2 business days, but please see here for current availability (there may be weeks, especially during the summer, when turnaround will be longer).

Included Products:

Appendices I, II, and III: Appendices I and II include a complete Excel data file for each participating institution with average salary by rank and gender, benefits coverage and benefits as a percent of average salary, full-time faculty counts, salary equity ratios, and average salary by rank adjusted for regional price parities (NEW!!!). Appendix III is an Excel data file that provides data on part-time faculty pay.

Research Portal Access: The research portal allows users to create custom peer comparison reports and more (see here: This option is only available for institutions that have submitted data for the 2019-20 academic year.

Benefits Report: This Excel spreadsheet provides each institution’s average benefit as expenditure ($) and percent average salary (%) by contract length. This is in wide format (i.e. every institution is a separate row with each column being a benefit and contract length) and not differentiated by AAUP Category.  See here for the full variable listing.

Faculty Distribution Report: This Excel spreadsheet is percent of non-tenure track faculty by rank for reporting institutions. This is in wide format and not differentiated by AAUP Category.  See here for a full variable listing.

Tidy Data Sets in R Format: This is meant to provide a useful form of the data for institutions with an IT/Programmer staff member. This format can be used for more sophisticated analyses than is traditionally available with the other Excel reports.  There is a lot of information that we collect from institutions and this format can allow users to explore more subtle or nuanced questions with the salary and benefits data.

Tidy data stands for a data format where one row represents one observation (see here for a brief description and here for a longer, technical description). For the AAUP FCS data, this means that one row represents an institution and rank (where institution is coded as IPEDS ID).   The data can be linked to other institutional data sets (through the IPEDS ID) and used to run analyses of interest. Benefits and salary data are provided by institution in both .rdata files as well as .csv (which allow for easy conversion to other platforms). Both formats are included in a zip file.

Prior Years' Data

If you’d like to purchase data products for a previous year (2015-16 through 2018-19), the cost is $750 for each year. Research portal access is available for years 2015-16 through the current year. Only the Excel spreadsheets (Appendix I and II) data can be provided for prior years (going back to 1996-97) and these are $250 per item.